Thoughts of My Heart

New Year, New Site


Aloha Everyone,

Do you love this image I captured on the first day of 2016? I love this place and thought I was so clever, greeting the sun on the eastern most point of the island on New Year’s Day. I swear there were at least 200 other people with the exact same idea. I always say that there are very few original thoughts left in this world!

Anyway, I know it’s been a long time coming but I really wanted to update my website, in order for it to be self manageable. So wish me luck!

I’m excited about the year ahead and have a lot of shows coming up, I just really wanted to be able to keep you guys informed and start some good habits this year, in terms of informing you, my beloved supporters!

Bear with me as I navigate the wonders of WordPress and learn as I go along! I’ll try earnestly to be a descent blogger and communicate the thoughts of my heart.

Mahalo nui for all your love throughout the years!  I’m ready for some positive growth this year and hope to keep you in the loop about my progress!